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        來源:http://www.060681.com/     發布時間:2022-12-12  

        不銹鋼風管的接縫處是軸向的,接縫處的抗壓強度比軸向的直縫抗壓強度要高許多,因此 能保證 在1.5倍壓力下接口處無開裂,由于其原材料鍍鋅卷板與一整張鍍鋅板較為,價格較低,再加上其規?;a制造跟規范的規范化,促使工程造價要比矩形框風管低;其他由于其支、支架需量少,設備勞動量少,因此 總成本較低。由于矩形框風管的四角易造成滲流,降低了合理載流總面積,氣體流通性好,合理載流總面積大,因此 產品的二次噪音小,由于其抗壓強度大。
        The joint of stainless steel air duct is axial, and the compressive strength of the joint is much higher than that of the axial straight joint, so it can ensure that there is no crack at the joint under 1.5 times of the pressure. Because its raw material, galvanized coil, is lower than a whole galvanized sheet, and the price is lower, coupled with its standardized production and manufacturing and standardization, the project cost is lower than that of rectangular frame air duct; For others, the total cost is relatively low due to less support and equipment labor. Because the four corners of rectangular frame air duct are easy to cause seepage, the reasonable total current carrying area is reduced, the gas circulation is good, and the reasonable total current carrying area is large, so the secondary noise of the product is low, because its compressive strength is large.
        All fields of stainless steel air duct need to be developed. It is not his price that he depends on, but his ability and quality in this field. In such a fierce market demand, Zhongkai has always adhered to its own rules and made every effort to ensure that, by virtue of the rules of high-quality and high service projects, we have won so far. Zhongchuang has completed zero complaints and zero gratitude feedback.
        At this stage, there are a large number of enterprises that have developed relatively late and their overall asset strength is relatively limited, but they are fighting against price competition in order to better occupy a place in the sales market. Stainless steel air ducts are small enterprises and manual workshops. It is not easy for such enterprises to survive for a long time. Because we are convinced that the development of an enterprise is inseparable from the development of corporate culture and art and marketing strategies between the two. In fact, at this stage, the core or galvanized iron sheet air duct has many defects in engineering construction and maintenance due to the environmental protection, service life, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction, load and other aspects of the air duct. This has caused the difficulty that the sales market needs a new product to improve. The display of the new stainless steel air duct just fits in with the needs of the sales market and is gradually accepted by the investors' real estate agents after being used and proved by many projects.
        With the continuous development of the HVAC industry, the reasonable distribution of commodities has quietly caused changes. Low carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation have already become the basic demand for HVAC products. Heating and ventilation engineering enterprises have been using the developed high-tech to develop the energy consumption grade of goods, develop and design the replacement of electric energy and the utilization of renewable resources, and develop new refrigerants. On the sales market, stainless steel air ducts are divided into three categories according to some materials: hot-dip galvanized stainless steel air ducts, stainless steel sheet stainless steel air ducts and composite stainless steel air ducts.
        為了更好地使機器設備做到綠色環保的總體目標,各企業均縈繞綠色環保的主題風格發展相關主題活動, 在新產品研發、設計產品、生產制造加工工藝、生產流水線方法改革創新等層面增加資金投入幅度,提高機器設備的進升。另外,在生產制造層面也高度重視環保節能,各企業均制定的評定系,在生產能力提升的前提條件下竭盡全力角逐著陸耗能,生產制造邊上階段也盡量避免染上物的排出。
        In order to better achieve the overall goal of green environmental protection for machinery and equipment, all enterprises have developed relevant theme activities around the theme of green environmental protection, increased capital investment in new product research and development, product design, manufacturing and processing technology, production line method reform and innovation, and improved the progress of machinery and equipment. In addition, environmental protection and energy conservation are also highly valued at the production and manufacturing level. The evaluation system formulated by all enterprises strives to compete for landing energy consumption under the premise of improving production capacity, and the discharge of contaminants is also avoided as far as possible at the stage of production and manufacturing.
        The above highlights come from: Jinan ventilation pipe processing. For more highlights, please click our website: http://www.060681.com , we will have more wonderful content for you to check



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