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        1. According to the design requirements of supports and hangers of fans, air conditioning units, fan boards and other equipment, vibration isolators shall be set. The types and specifications of Jinan ventilation pipes shall meet the requirements of the design and product technical documents.
        2. The air duct shall be installed vertically with a spacing of no more than 4m. A single straight pipe shall have at least two fixing points.
        3. The screw hole of the hanger shall be processed, the hanger shall be straight, and the threaded end shall be complete and smooth.
        4. For horizontal suspended air duct with a length of more than 20m, at least one anti swing support shall be set during air duct construction.
        5. The support and hanger shall not be set at the air outlet, valve, inspection door and automatic control mechanism, and the distance from the air outlet or plug connection shall not be less than 200mm.
        6. When the length of horizontal suspension main pipe and main air pipe exceeds 20m, fixed points to prevent swing shall be set, and each system shall have at least one fixed point.
        7. Steam and water pipes shall be selected with appropriate strength and stiffness according to national standard drawings, specifications and procedures. The special air duct supports and hangers with the diameter or length of Jinan air duct exceeding 2500 and super wide and overweight shall be included in the specified design.
        螺旋風管的安裝顯著減少了管道之間的連接點,將管件連接處的泄漏降低到很低的程度。典型的螺旋風管長度為3~6m,而典型的矩形風管長度僅為1 ~ 1.5m并且只需要一個管接頭來連接兩個螺旋風管,而傳統的矩形風管連接往往需要完全獨立的雙法蘭系統。
        The installation of spiral air duct significantly reduces the connection points between pipes and reduces the leakage at the connection of pipe fittings to a very low level. The typical spiral air duct is 3~6m long, while the typical rectangular air duct is only 1~1.5m long and only one pipe joint is needed to connect two spiral air ducts, while the traditional rectangular air duct connection often requires a completely independent double flange system.
        1. Standardized products.
        The production of spiral pipe fittings (pipe fittings and joints) has been highly automated and systematic, and has industrialized quality control.
        2. Low installation cost.
        The installation time of round air duct system is only 1/3 of that of similar rectangular air duct.
        3. Usually only a small installation space is required



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