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        There is a make-up air outlet at the bottom of the main flue. The principle is to push the smoke into the secondary flue through the range hood, use the driving force of the range hood and the upward buoyancy of the oil smoke temperature to make the oil smoke rise for a certain distance, and then enter the main flue to exhaust the roof, with stainless steel flue trim panels, and the flue opening can be changed into the ceiling. If the Chinese flue is generally without trim panels outside the flue duct, the flue opening needs to be changed to a proper position under the ceiling, So that the flue duct can be connected with the flue through the decorative plate or from the flue hanger.
        Generally speaking, when a new restaurant is opened, many salesmen from environmental protection and kitchen appliance companies come to talk about business. Many of them, even the company itself, do not have this knowledge, and often design based on experience. However, the entire project cannot meet the requirements. The design and installation of ventilation pipes in Jinan are unreasonable, which often causes the kitchen to smoke unobstructed, and directly affects the use of the lampblack purifier, Therefore, we should pay attention to the installation of lampblack ventilation pipe when installing and designing the lampblack ventilator in the kitchen. Please install the ventilation pipe manufacturer. The installation of lampblack pipe shall be considered from various perspectives, and attention shall be paid to the installation layout of each detail.
        The application of the new technology and equipment of the common plate flange connection characterized by the innovation of the air duct structure has promoted the scientific development of the metal air duct processing technology. The traditional connection between air duct sections is the process of connecting the pipe sections with multiple bolts after the angle steel or flat steel flange and the pipe end are fixed by flanging, riveting or welding. The new process of connecting common plate flange air duct is a new process that uses the rolling forming principle to roll out the flange shape at both ends of the air duct, and then combines and connects the air duct sections through flange corner pieces and flange clamps.
        The main processes of air duct processing are seaming processing and flange manufacturing. Because angle steel (flat steel) flange manufacturing is labor-intensive, material consuming, long processing cycle, and many quality links, it has become the main factor of the construction efficiency and quality of the ventilation and air conditioning system. The new process and equipment of common plate flange air duct with self formed flange of air duct body instead of angle steel (flat steel) flange have been recognized and adopted by relevant units and personnel in design, construction and acceptance of the industry as soon as they came out due to their outstanding process characteristics.
        Shandong Shenhe Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of Jinan ventilation pipe processing and other related products. For more highlights, please click our website: http://www.060681.com



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