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        Speaking of the common sense of checking the air leakage rate of galvanized air ducts, we should first be aware that this is a crucial factor related to whether all galvanized air ducts can be used more effectively. So we must test it well before using it. It is particularly important to note that we measure the air leakage of the galvanized air duct at night to ensure that the environment around is dark. Place the 100W low-voltage lighting lamp with maintenance cover on the inside or outside of the air duct, move slowly along the detection part and joint, and observe on the other side. If there is light emitting, it means that the obvious air leakage part is found and recorded.
        The galvanized air duct market is divided into three categories by material: galvanized air duct, stainless steel galvanized air duct and composite galvanized air duct. Among them, the stainless steel air duct has good quality and strong practicability, but its price is high.
        The galvanized air duct with smooth market is made of galvanized sheet. Galvanized sheet galvanized air duct is basically the feature of stainless steel galvanized air duct, but the price is only two-thirds of that of stainless steel air duct or even lower. Composite galvanized air duct is used individually in the external environment where the requirements for air duct are not high.
        Galvanized air duct is used in many exhaust systems. The air conditioning air supply pipes in the competition hall are 1400mm and 1600mm double insulated circular galvanized air pipes, totaling 12. The air supply method is to use 126 630mm spherical nozzles to supply air from four places to the hall. For this, the overall hoisting technique of galvanized air pipes is adopted.
        Galvanized air duct and spherical nozzle arrangement diagram 2 Construction process unit air duct support, air duct classification number Erect the air duct assembly platform → install the air duct flange → lift the air duct to the platform for assembly → measure the central horizontal line of the main air duct → measure the central line of the air outlet → open the three-way air outlet → short pipe device and insulation of the air outlet → air outlet device → air outlet support device → air duct hoop support device → hoist device → [10 reinforcement bracket and lifting rope device → air duct hanger → air duct support device and dispensing.
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