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        Ventilation duct is an important part of ventilation and air dispatching system, most of which are made of pipeline processing equipment (such as ventilation duct production line). However, for a variety of reasons, it may lead to problems in the ventilation pipes processed by pipeline processing equipment.
        1. Processing data not up to standard
        ① Embodiment: the surface of the plate is uneven, the thickness is uneven, and there are significant indentation, cracks, sand holes, rust and other conditions; The plane of the ventilation pipe is sinking, and the surrounding face is convex, with significant deformation.
        ② Impact: The ventilation duct leaks during operation, the air conditioning load increases, and the number and function of the same air are affected.
        ③ Cause: The data is unqualified, and the requirements for manufacturing ventilation ducts are not satisfied.
        ④ Method: Before using the ventilation duct processing equipment to manufacture the ventilation duct, the factory certificate, quality certificate and appearance thickness of the data shall be checked to ensure that the data are available.
        2. The warping angle of the ventilation pipe and the view point of the elbow are forbidden
        ① Embodiment: two opposite planes and two end faces of rectangular ventilation duct are not parallel; The corner is not straight; Diagonal lines are not equal; The bite is not tight.
        ② Impact: It will cause uneven bearing capacity of the ventilation duct, uneven ventilation duct behind the equipment, loose flange gasket, air leakage of the system, loss of air conditioning load and shortening the service life.
        ③ Cause: The blanking and setting out of plates are strictly prohibited; The two sides of the ventilation pipe are parallel, and the length and width of the sheet on the opposite side are not equal.
        ④ Method: When turning over the blanking, the sheet shall be strictly angled, and the length, width and diagonal of each sheet shall be checked to make their error control within the allowable scale; For the sheet after blanking, the two sheets on the opposite side of the ventilation duct shall be overlapped to check the standardization.
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