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        Preparation before installation:
        1. The construction of building enclosure is completed, all obstacles and sundries have been cleared, and all sundries on the ground have been cleared!
        2. During the installation of the air duct of the purification system, the floor of the internal installation parts of the building has been completed, and the wall concrete has been leveled to ensure that there is no dust or dust-proof measures in the room.
        3. The auxiliary materials at the installation site are complete, and the construction technicians provide quality and technical guidance.
        Precautions for air duct installation:
        1. No other pipelines are allowed to cross the air duct
        2. The air duct installed in the flammable and explosive environment shall be well grounded. The air duct passing through the living area or production area must be tightly installed, and the air duct interface shall not be equipped.
        3. The fixing of outdoor vertical air duct shall not be connected with lightning rod or house lightning protection facilities.
        4. The installation of air duct shall comply with the following technical regulations:
        ① The configuration of the connection between the air duct and the ventilation equipment and accessories shall not reduce the connection pipe of its connection part.
        ② The hanger shall not be set at the air outlet, air valve, inspection door and automatic control mechanism, and shall not be fixed on the flange to avoid the effect of air duct deformation on the air duct.
        ③ The installation of hangers shall comply with the corresponding installation regulations. The suspended air ducts and components shall be provided with fixed points to prevent swing, such as fixed supports, supports, etc. The location and number of fixed points shall be determined according to the system conditions.
        ④ The flange gasket and thickness are different according to the temperature of the conveying air.
        ⑤ When the air duct and its components pass through the wall and roof, a rain cover shall be provided. When the air duct passing through the roof exceeds 1.5m, a stay cable shall be provided. The stay cable shall be galvanized or steel wire rope. It is prohibited to fix the stay cable on the air duct flange, and it is prohibited to pull it on the lightning rod or lightning protection network.
        ⑥ The flexible short pipe shall be installed with appropriate tightness and shall not be twisted. The length of flexible metal or non-metallic flexible air duct shall not exceed 2m, and there shall be no dead bend or concavity.
        ⑦ The supports and hangers of thermal insulation air ducts should be set outside the thermal insulation layer and should not damage the thermal insulation layer.
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